Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Battle Royale

Today's column for the Daily Banter of course deals with last night's debate -- a debate for which Barack Obama was apparently coached by Samuel L. Jackson -- and its aftermath.

Here's an excerpt:

"On that subject there was my favorite post-debate quote of the night, one of those statements that’s so awe-inspiringly hypocritical that it leaves you stunned that there are still new depths of bullshit to plumb in American politics. After the whole thing was over, Romney campaign manager Stuart Stevens said about Obama, 'He tried to do a somewhat charmless version of Joe Biden, but I don’t think it worked particularly well. When you saw a different Al Gore in every debate, I think people find that disconcerting. One thing they want in a president is a steadiness and a dependability. They see a person one week ago and they see a different person tonight, and they think, what’s next?' Given that Stevens works for Mitt Romney, the most rawly cynical and opportunistic political cipher our system has ever had to suffer through, this is the kind of comment that makes you wish there was a disappointed Bond villain nearby who could pull a lever and suddenly drop him into a tank full of sharks."

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CNNfan said...

My favorite post-debate reaction was the look
on Ann Romney's face.