Thursday, October 04, 2012

Attitude Adjustment

Today's column for the Daily Banter, not surprisingly, has to do with last night's presidential debate and what it means for Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and all of us.

Despite lying his ass off, Romney scored big in Denver. The question now: What effect will it have on the campaign?

Here's an excerpt:

"I’ve been saying for a while now that premature gloating on the part of Democrats probably isn’t wise since, despite the growing lead Obama’s opened up recently and the momentum his campaign has enjoyed, there’s still enough time before election day for everything to change. Yes, it’s unlikely, as we’re constantly reminded by those who study the polls carefully, understand conventional wisdom inherently and know election year history like some people know NFL stats. But here’s the thing: This race isn’t like any we’ve seen before. Why? Because our national political climate isn’t like any that’s come before."

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Marsupialus said...

Maybe. Is it presidential to refute every lie that comes out of Romney's mouth? Is it presidential to "take it to him"? Maybe that's going to be necessary in the next "debate." I was in the car and heard it on the radio and Romney sounded strained to me, like he was trying to be "emotional" and "relatable."

I in the Obama is a zen master camp. He didn't just do the rope-a-dope for nothing. There's a grander plan working and it's not yet revealed.

I hope. . .

Mart said...

I did not watch the debate as there is no way I could vote for Romney/Ryan. Dem friends who watched tell me Romney is a smug bullying asshole who makes them sick, Repubs saw the second coming of Moroni or whatever that Mormon bugle boy is called. Rmoney may get a small bump, but fact checkers and big bird will level it out. A black man is running against whity tidy Richie Rich loaded with zingers. He needs to be moderate otherwise the media would slice the lazy uppity one up for being un-presidential like.

Ref said...

Is it "Presidential" to lie constantly while behaving like an over-caffeinated used car salesman? Is it "Presidential" to violate all the rules of a debate format? This is crap, but our national political media (stenographers all) parrot that Rmoney "won" because they love a close race most of all. I say give it a week and let the people speak.

The rather hilarious wingnut response to the new job numbers is telling.

Tuba Terry said...

The most frustrating part is that the liar gets control of the debate/conversation/whatever.

I mean, when you're holding yourself to the truth, what are your options?

1. Continue stating your point and hope you present the facts well enough to get people to ignore lies specifically worded to be palatable.

2. Let the liar keep control of the game by playing on his turf and refuting his lies.

The person ignoring the most rules has the advantage, especially if the refs aren't calling them out.