Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Annie Eat Your Gun

Today's column for the Daily Banter is a doozy, I have to admit. I thought about just going off, but the little gremlin pulling the levers in the analytical portion of my brain won out and I decided to try to be at least slightly articulate.

And so, we have something that takes aim at Ann Coulter and her tweet calling President Obama a "retard."

Here's the opening shot:

"Years ago, when I worked for NBC, there was an upper-level manager who gave me a great piece of advice when it came to dealing with people. I was a likable enough guy overall but had a reputation for occasionally throwing the switch that would thrust me into hot-head mode at warp speed, particularly when the pressure was really on. His thoughts on this little phenomenon stay with me to this day: 'The more influence you have, the smaller the weapon you have to swing to get what you want.' The point is that when you’re low on the food chain, you sometimes have to be bellicose and use a sledgehammer to make yourself heard, but when you’ve already got respect, a title, an audience, whatever, all you really need is a scalpel. You can afford to operate with precision. The flip side of this is that when you’ve risen to the point where your words and actions actually have impact, there’s a hell of a lot less you can get away with."

Case in point: Ann Coulter.

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I almost never say this, but if you'd all be so kind as to circulate, I'd greatly appreciate it. There's a cookie in it for you.


Heather said...

I saw a friend tweet Sarah Palin this morning asking her where her condemnation for the use of the word "retard" was now that one of her conservative buddies had used it to mock the President. No answer, of course, but I laughed.

Anonymous said...

Nope, it's not going to change anything, not going to diminish her bookings, nothing at all. But the irony is that wasn't there an extreme hissy fit from Palin about the use of just such a word and all the right wing bloviators had faintings spells? Where are they now?

hilz said...


Victor the Crab said...

With her pale, wrinkly skin, Ann Coulter is looking a lot like a character from Bizzaro World that she acts out every day. We need to replace calling people retard with the derogatory word Ann Coulter.

QuadCityPat said...

Great read Chez, I will retweet from DXM and Banter sites.

Also best line of the night, when I told my lovely wife about what Coulter said, her response was: "Ann Coulter should be fucking stoned to death."

Benoit from Ottawa said...

The plain fact is that Ann Coulter is far less intelligent than she seems to think. She constantly "wins" arguments without actually winning them at all, except in her own head.

Also, she is so petty and spiteful! Wouldn't have an audience if she weren't telegenic, and a bottle-blonde.

But as usual, free speech is the best all 'round: gives people plenty of rope to hang themselves with.

Matt said...

The lifeless eyes, the sunken cheeks, the stringy, limp hair. Yep, it's the Crypt Keeper in drag again. The question is, who's worse? Her or Nancy Grace? Or are they equally repugnant?

russell said...

What's funny about Twitter comments becoming major news stories is that they are Twitter comments becoming major news stories.

Can we time travel to, say, 1990 and imagine a major, national news story about personality X overheard calling the President "a retard" at Jimmy's Corner Tavern?

- That was Vox Populi! Now stay tuned for Cybil the Soothsayer!