Monday, October 15, 2012

All Apologies

I know you guys are getting sick of me and my fucking excuses, but unfortunately I'm once again kind of out of the loop at the moment. I'm in Northern California on business and I likely won't be back in L.A. until Wednesday.

That said, there's a nice little Banter column running tomorrow morning and I'm gonna try my damndest to pay close attention to tomorrow night's debate. I realize I'm shirking my responsibility to this site and to you very kind people who inexplicably still come here every day in surprising numbers, but all I can say is that I'm doing my best. I mean it when I say that once I get all this work into a steady juggle, DXM is going to come at least semi-roaring back.

Until then, there's my Banter material and anything else I can post to keep you nice folks around.

I really miss writing the way I used to.


CNNfan said...

It is reported that both Obama
and Romney seem to be nervous with
the debate questions being asked
by the audience. And both sides are
trying to blame the CNN moderator
before the debate even started.

Just like the candidates were nervous
in the CNN/Youtube debate with video
questions coming from the audience.

I hope they bring back the snowman
question. CNN is great with this
type of debate format!

Dan said...

I think I can safely speak for your readers when I say that you have no reason to make any excuses for prioritizing, Chez. None of us are entitled to your time on this blog. It's a gift you give us when you can.

I've been a consistent reader for over 3 years now. That won't change just because there are some gaps in between posts. It's been cool to see how much things have changed in a good way for you since I first stumbled across your blog. If the continuation of that means we go without posts for a period of be it.

Cheers, man. And thanks for all of the content you've provided up to this point.

Anonymous said...

That dude above me, he nailed it. Just wanted to chime in that you have been awarded 5 internet points for the Nirvana reference. If it wasn't intentional, you may still keep the points.