Thursday, September 13, 2012

Worse Comes To Worst

Today's piece for the Daily Banter expands on my comments here yesterday about Mitt Romney's reaction to the embassy attacks in Libya and Egypt and what it unequivocally says about him as a candidate and a person.

Here's an excerpt:

"I get that Romney's been in the race for some time and that he's screwed up almost the entire way, making gaffe upon gaffe and generally being a cringe-inducingly awful presidential hopeful for the Republicans -- but the last month or so has really seen him hit his stride when it comes to wrapping his hands around the figurative award for Worst Presidential Candidate Ever and raising that sucker high over his head while tears of joy stream down his cheeks. It was just three days ago that I wrote, right here, that the Romney campaign was in a state of utter turmoil, that its various lies, miscalculations and amateurish screw-ups had even the GOP faithful screaming for Romney's blue blood -- and that piece was actually written as a response to an earlier column that examined Mitt's shortcomings as he fumbled his way toward election day. But every time I think Romney's achieved a personal best when it comes to his willingness to say or do anything, no matter how ridiculous or divorced from reality, to put himself in the White House, he one-ups both himself and my expectations."

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Suzan said...

And yet they will still vote for him because he is not Obama. Twits.