Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tough, Enough

I wanted to take a quick second and add something to the earlier post on yesterday's Libya attack, the column that ran at the Daily Banter.

While I'd love to see the United States and every other civilized nation on the planet not have to concern themselves with tempering their language or art to avoid offending the most strident believers in Islam, I think it's ludicrous for anybody to claim that the U.S. embassy in Cairo should've stood its ground and not attempted to defuse the very dangerous situation developing right outside its front gates yesterday. It's really easy for some America cheerleading, bumper-sticker sloganeering, Chuck Norris worshiping asshole to self-righteously proclaim from the comfort of an air conditioned office that as things were heating up the official statement from our embassy in Egypt should've been, "Fuck you, Muslims! We believe in free speech in America! USA! USA! Suck our truck nuts!" It's easy because it's not that person's rear-end that's a twitchy religious zealot's finger away from being blown to hell by an RPG. When you've got a furious mob breathing down your neck and screaming for your blood, you do everything you can to protect yourself and the lives of those around you. It's called diplomacy -- and it's what the staff inside that embassy was there to engage in. A strict and sanctimonious adherence to ideals is a luxury people on the ground in a foreign country can't always afford.

Those currently criticizing the initial reaction of the U.S. embassy in Cairo as protesters were threatening to breach the compound's walls -- the so-called "apologizing" for the mob's perceived religious offense -- should think about that before they decide to mouth off like a bunch of strutting jackasses.


Jennifer said...

It's good to not have to click over to DB to read your stuff =)

Chez said...

The problem is that I have so much work to do and I spend so much time writing for Banter that I really don't have a lot of time to write here. I tend to consolidate now, meaning that I use the quickie stuff I write here in some of the pieces I put together for Banter.

Riles said...

At the root of it, Romney (and others?) were criticizing the embassy in Cairo as they were in the middle of being attacked. Whether he says it was a part of the Obama administration or not, he's still directly attacking an Embassy under siege. Fucking shameful by anyone, especially a presidential candidate.

Also, Maddow had a great segment last night possibly linking this to a drone killing in June (queue Greenwald and Scahill).