Friday, September 28, 2012

The Bob & Chez Show After Party, 9.28.12

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This week: Working Vacations; The Emmy Awards; Homeland versus Mad Men versus Breaking Bad; The Genius of Louis CK and David Lynch; Why the hell is Big Bang Theory so popular?; Fargo: The TV Series; Movies We Love that Everyone Else Hates; Mr. Wizard is a Dick, Part 2; Arnold’s Awful Voicemail Message; Bob’s Favorite New Alcoholic Beverage; and much more.


JohnF said...

The old Busman's Holiday, eh?

Chez said...

Well, I was able to relax quite a bit but I had hoped to finish the TV show I'm working on before I left -- that didn't happen because we're now doing Final Cut Pro stringouts instead of basic logging, writing, going over editing instructions, etc. Takes longer when you're first trying to get a handle on the new system. So yeah, I had my mind on work quite a bit and returned home to find that they needed product to begin cutting almost immediately. I'm fried.