Friday, September 07, 2012

Speaking Part

Just little heads-up to any interested parties out there. I'll be doing a segment this afternoon over at HuffPost Live -- the subject, partially, is the piece I wrote a few weeks back taking aim at the claim that Paul Ryan has "Gen X sensibilities" and that they may help him reach that particular demographic. My point was that while Ryan may be many things -- and yes, he's my age -- to label him specifically as "Gen X" is a little ridiculous.

Anyway, I'll be on live, debating this topic, no doubt with a couple of other people who will shout at me. Who the hell knows. Never been on HuffPost Live before.

Feel free to watch if the mood strikes you. It airs around 5:45pm ET.


Riles said...

Awesome. Good luck dude.

JohnF said...

That's cool. Now you can have people call you a fascist FOX News plant in real time!

Eric said...

If you feel besieged or asea, "That's what she said!" and "Your MOMMA [repeat what the other person just said, rephrased (if necessary) as a present-tense verb]!" are really good comebacks. I use them in court all the time.

Seriously, good luck, or if it's already happened, I hope you killed.

Stephen said...

Hmm, did I miss it? 5:45 and "Overdosing on Shame"
Damn it.

Stephen said...

NM...You're next.

Riles said...

Too bad your host wasn't Abby Huntsman. Dammit she's hot.

Stephen said...

Congrats on being the only member of the panel to use profanity. You're my density.

CNNfan said...

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Anonymous said...

I think you did a good job. I think you should second guess going on a show that is hosted by a "milillennial". If the host can't pronounce a word in an article or put his phone off; guess what, it is a hack of a show and a joke. Good job on nailing the guy drinking a beer on the Palin comment...again reason not to do the show.