Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Quote of the Day

"There's more in the message here with the presence of the camera, the obvious come hither posture and the aroused breasts and all the sexual components. The statue is sending a message to children."

-- Phillip Cosby, head of the American Family Association chapter covering Overland Park, Kansas, which is attempting to have that city's top officials indicted over their decision to allow an art exhibit by Chinese sculptors which features a statue of a nude woman to be displayed publicly

The statue in question is pictured at left. And yes, you read that right: The AFA wants to have city officials indicted on criminal charges, saying that by authorizing the exhibit, they're encouraging sexting among kids.

I've gone back and read the above quote several times now and I honestly chuckle a little out loud each time, particularly when I get to the words "aroused breasts." First of all, I get the feeling that this statue is pretty much the only place a guy like Phillip Cosby has seen aroused breasts in years, and second -- how utterly fucking terrified of sex are conservatives?


JQ said...

The message: freedom of expression is ok. Not cool, city officials!

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, the city council feels this crusade is just as absurd as the rest of us here do. Thankfully, said council is composed of enough moderates that they do a pretty decent job most of the time.

My dad's on the council, so I get to hear about this and many other of the more odd/crazy things people try to do.

As far as the arboretum goes, it's a pretty big place, and it's pretty far out of the way, so you really have to be trying to see the statue. The entire plot is around 300 acres, though only maybe 1/5-1/4 that is actually open to the public.

Carolynpom said...

It's actually Overland Park, KS (my hometown). This "issue", has been raging for months in the local papers.

Chez said...

Thanks. Fixed.

CNNfan said...

Do you have a picture of the statue before
it was vandalized with a samurai sword?

Mart said...

As my wife took a picture of me foundling the breasts of a brass statue in front one of the baths of Baden Baden, Germany; a group of older women looked at us smiling, shaking their fingers.

Anonymous said...

Yet no one bothers to mention the fact that this statue is yet ANOTHER example of sexually objectifying a woman and calling it art. Where's her head?? You know, cause we're all just tits and ass.

Cue the he-man women haters club in 5..4..3..2..