Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Q & A

Just a heads-up: Beginning this week, I'll be curating the Daily Banter mailbag. What this means is that if you've got a question that involves politics, the media, pop culture, music, or if you're just looking for advice on the best way to stave off an orgasm during sex -- two words: Nancy Grace -- send it my way. Nothing is off limits -- well, almost nothing. My hope as the new editor is to take the mailbag segment of the Banter and make it both informative and, occasionally, somewhat distasteful, with my ultimate goal being to make Cesca really, really uncomfortable. So have at it, folks. Do your worst.

You can e-mail me at chez@dxmmedia.com, contact me through Facebook or Twitter DM, or just leave a comment here at the site that specifies that it's for the mailbag.

Thanks in advance for playing.

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