Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mail Bonding

Just a reminder that these days I'm curating the Daily Banter mailbag, so if you've got a question you'd like to hear me, Bob and Ben respond to with a lot of not-at-all-serious half-assery, feel free to comment here, send me a Facebook message or drop me an e-mail (the addresses are to the right).

Answers run tomorrow. Remember, if your question is picked you an outgoing message left on your answering machine by NPR's Karl Cassell.

Not really. I guess I could do it for you, though. I do a mean impression of him.


Benjamin said...

I'm just going to make an educated guess that the overlap between the people who still use their answering machines and the people who are reading this blog is infinitesimal.

Chez said...

Wow. I think I just had my first brush with sounding truly old.

CNNfan said...

So, it doesn't get creepy.
The number I'll drop in
your mailbag is for my
robot receptionist

Her name is Becky.
She'll send me an email
that you called, when you
called, where you called
from, and she will give me
your message if you leave
one with her.