Thursday, September 27, 2012

Listening Post

I truly love this. It's the bad-ass Angel Haze rapping over Jamie xx's remix of Gil Scott-Heron's New York is Killing Me -- all mashed up by producer 83rd.

Got all that?

Well, just listen.

By the way, yes, I'm still completely underwater on this project I'm doing so I'll continue to be scarce around here for the next couple of days. Podcast later today and Banter mailbag, but that's about it. Speaking of which, as usual, if you have a political, pop cultural or sexual deviancy-related question for Bob, Ben and me to pound out a quick response to -- send me it via e-mail, Facebook, DM or the comments here.


CNNfan said...

New York City is #1, according to a news report on the radio. The #1 most filthy city in the world.

Chez said...

Come on, Tom. That's really what you have to add to this?

CNNfan said...

Just saying, "New York is Killing Me" too.