Monday, September 24, 2012

Listening Post

I'm going through a serious late-70s/early-80s rock phase right now when it comes to the music I'm listening to. We're talking a lot of Blue Oyster Cult, Nazareth, Dio-era Black Sabbath, etc. Also, plenty of this guy -- Joe Walsh.

Here's Life of Illusion.

By the way, in case you haven't noticed, yes, I'm out of the loop right now. My girlfriend and I basically took a long weekend, although it's one that I still have no choice but to work through because that's just how things are these days. I should be back in action around here, at least on a semi-regular basis, beginning tomorrow. Although I've got a project I'm frantically nearing a deadline on so who the hell knows.


Anonymous said...

We love your stuff.

We love you.

We can wait.

Keep your priorities straight.

Easy, boy.

ZIRGAR said...

Heaven and Hell, by Black Sabbath--KILLER! The title track is epic. Blue Oyster Cult will always be one of my favorite bands; Mirrors is a vastly underrated album, in my opinion.