Thursday, September 20, 2012

Listening Post

Even monsters deserve love.

Here's the new video from Wilco, with artwork based on the Nathaniel Murphy drawings that inspired the song.

This is Sunloathe.

(By the way, my Blogger host finally did away with its old interface -- the one it's been using since I started this little experiment of mine more than six years ago -- and have pushed everything and everyone over to a new and not the least bit improved behind-the-scenes design. I hate it. Hate the hell out of it to the point where despite repeated pleas to transfer to the new system, I stubbornly held onto the doing things the old way in the hope that Google would eventually get the hint and give people the option of sticking with the original interface. Obviously that didn't happen. If I wanted Wordpress I would've gone with freaking Wordpress. Bottom line: Things may occasionally look a little different around here, unless they finally ironed the bugs out of this new system.)

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Anonymous said...

Why oh why do so many software projects keep their programmers employed by taking an interface that was perfectly good the way it was and fucking it all to hell? (I'm looking at you, windows sound control, windows explorer (bad to worse), Skype, Daily What, etc., etc., etc....

My deepest sympathies, and empathy.