Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Listening Post

In the wake of 9/11, I spent about five months in a hotel in New York City while working for MSNBC and covering the aftermath of the attack. Besides media people like myself, the place was populated with a rotating cast of Red Cross workers and assorted construction staff. This song came up quite a bit on the jukebox in the hotel's bar, a place where I spent a decent portion of my time trying to recover from what I dealt with day and and day out. It renewed my sense of fight each time I heard it -- and it still has the same effect on me eleven years later.

Here's U2's New York.

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Amy said...

"City of Blinding Lights" does the same for me. When the Edge comes in on the intro, its like I'm opening my eyes and seeing the first sunrise after the long, long dark.

It also works when I'm in a depressive swing, or during a bad bipolar episode. headphones, very loud.

Thanks for posting, and for all of yourself that you share with us every day.