Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's All Downhill from Here

Today's column for the Daily Banter takes a look at the mess Mitt Romney is currently in.

Here's an excerpt:

"Obama certainly doesn’t have the race locked up, but it’s somewhat stunning the way he and his party have managed to grab the national imagination in a way that the Republicans used to but can’t seem to anymore — at least not with Romney as the 'heart and soul' of the GOP. So with public perception and its poll position taking a major hit, how is the Romney camp responding? By claiming that there’s nothing to see here and that, contrary to what you might have heard from the liberal media, everything’s going just fine for Romney. In fact, it’s Obama who’s in a state of panic right now. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Also, Joe Biden is a registered sex offender."

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1 comment:

Mart said...

Perceptive post just before Romney shoots himself in the face over the embassies. I was worried about the Chicago teacher strike with Rahm & Obama favoring Charter schools. Assumed would be used by the R's to drive a wedge between Obama and one of the few remaining unions. Now it will be a week of Romney is a jerk instead. Obama is coated in teflon.