Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hounding Fox

Today's column for the Daily Banter takes a look at a big and somewhat surprising milestone for MSNBC, one that could signal a shift in cable news viewing habits -- or could just be a hiccup.

Here's the opening shot:

"Several years ago, when I was still working at CNN, there was a morning where I walked into anchor Carol Costello’s office to find her buried in the overnight numbers. I plunked myself down in the comfortable chair in front of her desk and waited for her to finish going through the not-so-rosy details and, sure enough, after a minute or two she dropped the paperwork, rolled her eyes in exasperation and sighed, 'I don’t get it — how does Fox do it?' I chuckled a little, then answered, 'Because Fox News is a brand, not a product.'"

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CNNfan said...

I wonder if CNN Worldwide President
Jim Walton resigning, may yet be
another signal of a shift in
cable news?

Jennifer said...

I've always been interested in what 'the other side' has to say, but I can't find anything that isn't completely shit-house-rat crazy.
Liberals and conservatives can't have serious conversations in the current political climate. And that is really very unfortunate.