Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

My column at the Daily Banter today takes a look at last night's kick-off of the Democratic National Convention and how it showed America something I'm not sure anyone's seen in recent memory: a Democratic party with fire, ferocity and backbone, and one that for the first time in a very long time is able to make its vision for America look like destiny.

Here's an excerpt:

"I’d like to be insouciant and claim that last night’s kick-off of the Democratic National Convention — which I expected to be another exercise in stiff and scripted political Kabuki and potential Democratic flailing, the kind of thing not likely to penetrate the barbed-wire defenses made of pure hostility and cynicism wrapped tightly around my cold heart — wasn’t really anything all that special. I’d like to — but I can’t. The reality is that the Democrats, love their politics or hate them, hit it pretty well out of the park over and over again, culminating in what honestly had to be the very best speech I’ve heard at either convention so far: Michelle Obama’s stunning, eloquent, passionate and personal keynote address. The evening was so impressive, particularly the First Lady’s part in it, that I admit to being somewhat taken aback at what I was witnessing..."

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