Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Deep Mitt

Today's column for the Daily Banter is about -- and stop me if you've heard this one before -- the latest colossal Mitt Romney campaign disaster.

Here's an excerpt:

"There’s something especially disconcerting about seeing and hearing Mitt Romney speak in such an uncharacteristically statesmanlike manner, free of all the usual clumsy, spastic tics that hamstring his every attempt to interact with normal people, and knowing that the reason for it is that he’s comfortable around millionaires and billionaires — and they may be the only people in the world in whose presence he truly is relaxed. Figuring he was away from both the judgments of the underclass and the need to perform the regular balancing act required to make him appear empathetic and human, he let the flag of the real Mitt Romney fly high and the result painted a picture of a guy who may truly be borderline sociopathic. The window into the mind and personality of the Mitt Romney we’ve all been trying to figure out for months suddenly brought all those odd personalty quirks of his into sharp focus: they now seem more than ever like glitches in the construct he’s created to be able to appear human, the cracks in the mask of sanity Patrick Bateman was forced to wear when he wasn’t hitting people in the mouth with an axe in the middle of his living room."

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Benjamin said...

Based on what's gone by so far, I think the only way he might be able to truly scuttle his campaign entirely and permanently at this point would be to get caught wearing a Wonder Woman outfit whilst skullfucking the corpse of Ronald Reagan in the middle of a Honda dealership.

But it sure would be fun to hear Fox News say "This represents a bold new position for Governor Romney!"

Capt Assclown said...

That was a great column. The part that confuses me is that a solid percentage of those 47% of "moochers" are Republicans... The family values poor south and poor midwest for starters.

If the integrity of your efforts is measured by your outcome, what a slap in the face of *so many* people struggling to get by in his own party.