Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Campaign and Suffering

Today's column for the Daily Banter lends a sympathetic ear to the plight of the nation's political press corps, a group of people who, dog-gonnit, just aren't having any fun these days.

Here's the opening shot:

"Several years ago, Rolling Stone politics-and-finances writer and national treasure Matt Taibbi, who at the time was a columnist for the New York Press, put together a list of the men and women he dubbed the biggest hacks in the world of political journalism. He then bracketed them, tallied up their various sins, and pitted them against each other until only one winner — one talentless creature above all others — remained. He called the competition 'Wimbelhack,' and it’s a tradition that’s been carried on, in a slightly more direct “countdown” fashion, by Salon‘s Alex Pareene. While it’s true that a quality hack’s worthlessness is self-evident and his or her work will be all the proof anybody needs that there’s no reason to give an ounce of credibility to the person’s thoughts or supposed insights, it’s always nice to see an outsider taking on the yeoman’s task of exposing in detail the intellectual bankruptcy of the worst offenders in the national press corps. This morning, Politico.com, without even meaning to, has kind of done just that..."

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Anonymous said...

vey well put, Chez!

kanye said...

**Soup of the Day**
Schmaltz and Rancor

alopecia said...

"Hear hear! Well spoken, Bruce!"

As for Chuck Todd, as I keep saying over at Bob's, it's that damn' face mullet. It makes people lazy and stupid. (Want proof? Jonah Goldberg. I rest my case.)