Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Boob Tube

Just a heads-up that I'll be making a guest appearance on HuffPost Live today.

The subject: Kate Middleton's breasts.

Because of course I'm the world's foremost authority on topless princesses.

Anyway, feel free to click on over if you'd like. The segment should hit at around 6:45PM Eastern.


CNNfan said...


As a lucky fan, CNN aired my 3D
animation in, The Situation Room
with Wolf Blitzer. CNN's Jeanne
Moos made a cameo in my fan
created segment.

It was a CNNfan dream come true,
to play an amateur news producer
and get to watch it with family
and friends on the TV news. My
phone was ringing off the wall
so much, I nearly missed it on TV!

Then, The Huffington Post, and
The Nation, cross-referenced that
in a few articles, which makes
for a nice segway...

This Huff Post Live innovation has fantastic potential. That is, except when a guest hides the fact that he is a double Emmy Award winning news producer, like a reality TV show!

JohnF said...

If the phrase "fried-egg tits" makes an appearance I may have to name a child after you.