Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Attack of the Show

Man, Mitt Romney seriously can't catch a break. And by that I mean that he's a craven idiot who can't make a right decision to save his life. The surprising thing is only that everyone seems mercilessly willing to call him out on it.

By now you probably know that Romney not only jumped the gun and ran his mouth off about the embassy attacks before all the facts were in, getting things horribly wrong in a gutless attempt to use the violence overseas to paint the president as weak on foreign policy and an America apologist, but he's continued to repeat that false information over and over again despite being called out for being wrong. Like a suburban pussy boastfully hamming it up for a gang initiation, he's trying so hard to prove that he's got what it takes to be one of the tough-talking chicken hawks on the right that he'll literally say anything to endear himself to them, and all it really takes is to point at Obama and blame him for everything.

The beauty of this new colossal fuck-up is that it's so perfectly Romney -- it really shows off everything worth disliking about him and his campaign. You've got the flop-sweaty stench of desperation, the inadvertent flaunting of his complete lack of knowledge about anything related to foreign policy which leads to far more harm than good, the comical inverse correlation between how bad-ass he aims to appear and how bad-ass he actually is, and of course the blatant lying followed by the inevitable doubling and tripling-down on that lie.

I kid you not: Romney is the worst presidential candidate either party has nominated in forever.

But his involuntary condemnation of the president in an effort to score partisan political points just proves what I wrote a month ago about where we're at now as a nation.

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Anonymous said...

Your last long paragraph was perfect. It reminded me of Clinton's speech, detailing point-for-point exactly wtf are the major malfunctions with this shit-nozzle.