Friday, August 10, 2012

(Would-be) Headline of the Day

"Kristen Stewart Aborted Robert Pattinson’s Baby Into Rupert Sanders’ Mouth."

-- The Superficial, pointing out by way of a joke that gossip sites can now print any rumor about the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson cheating scandal and get away with it


CNNfan said...

Yuck, joke or not!
Point not taken.
Change of subject...

How 'bout a new (Would-be)
Headline of the Day,

Fareed Zakaria fired
for blogging


A fan defending Fareed might say blog comments are way too informal, and unofficial to count as plagiarism. Most often they can't even be edited, when a citation is inadvertently omitted.

Seems Chez is always plagiarising my blog comments around here. For example, I taught Chez the word "hipster" is cooler than saying "hippie".

Best of luck to Fareed, but watching two of CNN's best: Ali Velshi, back to back with Reliable Sources, is going to be fun Sunday morning!

Anonymous said...

Should this 'scandal' really matter in America? Should we give a shit or even a hint of a shit?

kanye said...

Spunk on Parade