Friday, August 31, 2012

Well, That Sucked

Today's late-in-the-day column for the Daily Banter takes a look back on the week that was -- namely, the comical silliness that was the Republican National Convention.

Here's the opening shot:

"My mother has this thing where she refuses to watch violent R-rated movies. No matter how brilliant a film is — how well it was reviewed, how many awards it’s won, how seminal it may be — if there’s even a fair amount of bloodshed in it, chances are she won’t go anywhere near it. When asked why she willingly cuts herself off from dozens upon dozens of excellent films just because of a little violence, she always comes back with the same basic answer: “Why would I want to subject myself to something that will only upset and disgust me?” This is pretty much what I’ve been thinking over the past few nights, the reason I haven’t really watched any of the Republican National Convention at length: Why would I want to subject myself to something I already know will only upset and disgust me? Maybe I’m shirking my obligation to be both a responsible voter and an informed online commentator, but, well, tough — I’ve never been a big fan of migraines and if I wanted to simply piss myself off for no good reason, I’d call my ex-wife..."

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CNNfan said...

At the Republican National Convention,
I had dinner with the first invisible
President of The United States.

I love you, Clint Eastwood.