Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Perfect Storm

Obviously I don't want to see a hurricane strike land anywhere, particularly not in Florida where I have friends and family; I've been through too many of those things to be excited to see anybody have to endure one.

Gotta admit, though -- the notion of a potential Cat 3 storm striking the Republican National Convention practically head-on just feels like the icing on the karma cake. You couldn't write this stuff -- especially not since this will be the second time in five years a giant storm has threatened the RNC.

Since the religious on the right are often so fond of seeing ridiculous, deeper meaning in events like these -- maybe this is God trying to tell you guys something.

The Washington Post: Could Hurricane Isaac Derail the GOP Convention?/8.22.12


Steven D Skelton said...

Maybe Pat Robertson can pray it away like he did to the one that almost hit his campus?

If only the people the hurricane ended up hitting had prayed as hard as Pat did...

"Dear Lord, show us your mercy by sending a Cat 3 to knock down those people's houses and not mine."

TheReaperD said...

May lightning strike the podium at the RNC during either Norquist's or Ryan's speech.

Jester said...

Would it be bad to point out that the theme to the convention is "Convention Without Walls"?


MJG said...

Please Lord,
Wait until the last night when all are gathered in to hear the nominee's acceptance speeches.

Dona said...

Amen and Amen! :)