Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The D-Enlist

Today's column for the Daily Banter has to do with NBC's monumentally dumb new reality show, Stars Earn Stripes. It's drawing quite a bit of wrath from the left, most notably from nine Nobel Peace Laureates -- and Glenn Greenwald.

Here's an excerpt:

"There’s no doubt that not only is Stars Earn Stripes an almost laugh-out-loud stupid show — one that’s disingenuous on every level, from its sanitized portrayal of armed combat, to its contention that it has only the best pro-troops intentions at heart, to its willingness to call Nick Lachey and Todd Palin 'stars' — but its premise is indeed more than a little tawdry. I’m not outright offended by the show, but I can certainly see how some people would be: It casts what our military does in terms of an athletic competition, without any of the nasty little business of killing a lot of people. I’m not going to play the left-wing moral relativist card simply because I accept that, while our military doesn’t always do the right thing — and certainly if you put moral people in highly immoral situations and leave them there for too long, they’re going to crack — for the most part our troops are incredibly honorable people and do, in fact, deserve our respect and admiration."

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Anonymous said...

I work closely with a veteran of the Iraq War. He didn't watch the show but I told him the concept. His response, "it would be nice to uh... send them over."

Well said.

Matt said...

"Unless you count all the times he sold drugs disguised as a nun."

pasta65 said...

I will probably open a can of shit by saying this but I get so godamn tired of this ridiculous notion that everyone in the military or fireman and police officers for that matter, are heroes.

I served in the Marine Corps. I was initially an o-3 and then moved to STA Platoon. I was in the first Gulf war and I worked for Uncle Sam under a fat contract during the collapse of Yugoslavia. Many of the guys I served with were honorable. Many were not. Would I want to jump out of a helicopter and kill a bunch of people with them?

You fucking better believe it.

Would I want most of them living in my nice little neighborhood now?

Fuck no.

Everyone in a pickle suit is not a hero nor are they “the best and the brightest”.

I am proud of my service and I am proud of the lifelong friendships I made while serving my country, however, most of the people I served with I have no desire to ever see again and I sure as hell don’t want their ignorant uneducated asses living anywhere near me or my children.

Hero is a big word to use. There are very few heroes.

Flame on.

Chez said...

Thanks for being there, Matt. And no flame here, Pasta -- that's a surprisingly honest response.

J. Dack said...

Much as I'd like to see stupid shit like this taken off the air, I gotta say I don't side with the Nobel dudes on that one.

Censorship is censorship even when it works in my favor, and I don't like it.

Besides if we start using "offensive" as a weapon the way the Right does, well pretty soon there won't be anything left to watch at all.

JohnF said...

Greenwald's looking forward to that new reality show Stars Pass Along Confidential (and Possibly Injurious) Information to Julian Assange*.

Glenn would watch the FUCK out of that show.

* the title's still a work in progress.

agrazingmoose said...

I'm with pasta65 on this.

Anonymous said...

Right on Pasta. Six year navy fuck here. Some of the cats I worked with were some of the most impressive folks I have ever met. Others, I wouldn't loan my car to. Shit, I served with a guy who has to fucking register with his neighborhood whenever he moves cause he is a sex offender (Got kicked out for it).

I've been trying to get my first job post college and it never seems to put me back when in an interview, the first thing the person says is "Thank you" for my service. I don't know how I am supposed to take this. I went in to go to college. I wasn't raised in some patriotic household and it wasn't a childhood dream. It just creeps me out as it feels no different than the pity I used to get as a kid (I was born with spina bifida and spent about four years in a wheel chair).

But no...seriously Pasta, you are totally right. The faux patriotism is so fucking annoying. People who think every single person in the military is a hero have clearly never lived in a military town.