Thursday, August 02, 2012

Running on Empty

My column today for the Daily Banter focuses on Mitt Romney's not-so-excellent adventure overseas and how it just adds more blocks to the six-foot-tall teetering Jenga tower of political liability he's been steadily building.

Here's the opening shot:

"Can we just finally admit that Mitt Romney is the worst candidate the GOP has offered up in, well, maybe ever? Is there anyone who still thinks Romney is anything more than one big walking punchline, an ongoing political disaster of Irwin Allen-esque proportions? Look, I get that if you’re a Republican there’s a pretty good chance that your ebullient hatred of Barack Obama runs so deep that you’d vote for a flaming paper bag full of dogshit if the party nominated it for president, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have to hold your nose while you were doing it. You’re more than welcome to cast your ballot for Romney in November and to support his candidacy every second of every day until then, but there’s no way you can tell me you’re happy about it. Romney’s not simply the worst possible guy to trot out as your party’s figurehead and message-carrier at this particular point in our nation’s history — with the global economy having been gang-banged by untouchable aristocratic assholes just like him — he’s also thoroughly incapable of relating to anybody on anything approaching a human level without coming off like a creepy version of Jeff Bridges in 'Starman'..."

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Stephen said...

A creepy version of Jeff Bridges in Starman...idk, he was pretty creepy in that movie. Enjoy.

JohnF said...

Mitt's not cool enough to be compared to Jeff Bridges, ever.
I'd rather compare him to the TV Starman, Robert Hays.

Chez said...

Damn you. I had totally forgotten about that.

Matt Osborne said...

"Governor." Everyone please start calling him "Governor Romney."

Anonymous said...

I felt kinda bad for the Republicans this time around. No matter who won the primaries, they would be fielding their worst presidential candidate in history.

ZIRGAR said...

Romney is all surface; he has no interior.

warrenbishop said...

and despite the fact he's terrible, that doesn't mean he won't win.

A couple months ago Chez made a comment about how Americans have developed a habit of swimming like lemmings toward every bad idea that comes around.

Again, just because Romney is devoid of ideas, substance, personality etc. - that doesn't mean he won't win the presidency.