Friday, August 24, 2012

Reponse Time

It's time once again to open the Daily Banter mailbag -- where Bob, Ben and I answer all your serious questions with a lot of bullshit.

This week: Will the Republicans continue moving to the right? Will a third-party candidate save us? Who would win in a Fight Club-style brawl between me and Bob.

The Answers are Here


Fungi said...

"Who would win in a Fight Club-style brawl between me and Bob."

Having never met Bob, I'd have to say...Bob. ;)

Chez said...

Dick. Bob's about a good 9-inches taller than me. Then again, I could always just cut off my cock and tack it onto the top of my head. ZING!

Fungi said...

That would make you...Dickhead.

Chez said...

What else is new?

Claude Weaver said...

Bob may have height and reach, but we all know Chez will fight dirty as a motherfucker. He's an ex-TV producer for Chrissakes. The Oxford Dictionary lists that as a synonym for "cheap shotting bastard".

He'll just show a picture of Inara, Bob will start cooing over it, and then his head will mysteriously split open from the table leg that magically popped up in your hand.

Fungi said...

Don't be so hard-on yourself.