Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quote(s) of the Day

"At least in the glory-days of welfare-bashing, the attacks had some grounding in reality -- the system had grown rapidly and was in need of some sort of reform. Now, at a time of drastically reduced welfare rolls, the attack is utterly unfounded. And Romney just keeps using it, at stop after stop, in ad after ad. How can this be possible? Well, maybe because very few of my colleagues in the press seem all that troubled by it. Unless I’ve missed it, none of the national papers or networks or Buzzfeeders have done a comprehensive report on Romney’s persistence in playing the welfare card. It’s as if it was enough to have the factcheckers offer their initial scolding, but after that, hey, anything goes. I saw no mention in dispatches from yesterday of Romney’s successful use of the welfare line in Beallsville -- instead, the stories were dominated by Romney’s declaration of outrage, later in the day, over Obama’s campaign of 'anger and hate.' ... A psychoanalyst might see in Romney’s outrage over campaign excess more than a little Freudian projection. But a smart political analyst would settle for the more mundane explanation that Romney is seeking to distract attention from his own very effective and mendacious offensive with welfare."

-- The New Republic's Alec MacGillis, wondering why so few in the media are calling out Mitt Romney on his ongoing bald-faced lie that President Obama is "gutting" the welfare system by removing the work requirement

"Wait a minute... I can’t let that go... You leveled a charge about the welfare work requirement. It turns out that’s not true. Where did you get your information? ... Nothing about this issue, every charge that has been leveled about this welfare reform order that the president signed, every accusation that has been leveled by some Republicans have been proven to be not true."

-- NBC's Chuck Todd, apparently getting the message

Todd's comment came just a little while ago during an interview with Terry Branstad, Iowa's Republican governor, after Branstad repeated the bogus welfare charge. Having been thoroughly chastised for saying something that simply wasn't true, what did the governor do? He said it was. He said Obama did remove the work requirement from welfare. He lied. Again and again. This is what it's come to: The truth doesn't even matter anymore -- all that matters is that people believe the lie and that political mileage can be gotten out of it.

For those keeping score, I've now been able to post two examples in just one day of the Romney campaign pushing accusations that aren't the least bit true. And remember that Steve Benen over at MSNBC continues to keep a weekly tally of all the lies Romney and his surrogates tell. These people are completely fucking shameless.


Drew said...


You've worked in media for a long time and you know the game they have to play and regularly offer some insight into it.

Do you think that at some point journalists on a mass scale will throw off the gloves and just fire back with facts and hard questions to obvious lies? We've seen some do it recently. Could it be a renaissance of- dare I say it- journalistic integrity? The romantic part of me believes that deep down journalists WANT to report facts and be the hard ass interviewers rather than pussy-foot around a politicians delicate sensibilities. That they could care less about being labeled as having a "liberal bias". That ultimately they are beholden to FACTS...not politics.

Maybe I've been watching "The Newsroom" and "Political Animals" too much...

Anonymous said...

These predictable attacks on the president makes the fact he has moved to the right during his entire presidency all the more hilarious.

Tuba Terry said...

Not to over-play the race card, but I don't recall the welfare issues being pushed nearly so hard (even the true ones) when the Democrat was white...