Friday, August 03, 2012

Quote of the Day

"I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office. When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office."

-- Jenna Jameson, endorsing Mitt Romney while at a strip club in San Francisco


And when the way you've made yourself rich is by fucking people, you obviously vote Republican.

Either way, we can add "Romney Fever" to the long list of diseases Jenna's carrying.

Poor Mitt -- he seriously can't get a break.


Anonymous said...

At least she's right that it only makes sense for rich people to vote Republican in 2012. Too bad the rest of the country doesn't see it that way.

LK said...

At least she is honest. I will give her that

Drew said...

Sorry Jenna...when you're rich AND GREEDY, you want one of them in office.

ZIRGAR said...

No chance she's being ironic, is there? A trenchant bit of insight on her part to help people think about things? Yeah, I don't think so either.

J. Dack said...

Makes sense to me. One cocksucker endorsing another.

Capt Clown said...

"I'm looking forward to a Republican being back in office. When you've made your living legally doing what Republicans would have banned and made illegal and ruined your livelihood if at all possible, you love Republicans."


Anonymous said...

Pussy. Wet. Good.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is a similarity between Jenna and Republicans -- they both fuck over people for money.

Victor the Crab said...

Because that's what the party of God wants. A skandy, drug addled, bisexual porn actress endorsing their candidate for president. Ya gotta love America.

JohnF said...

The saddest part of this story is the realization that Jenna Jameson is rich.

Matt said...

Great. This is going to make watching "Stop! My Ass is on Fire!" awkward.

Curtis said...

I didn't know getting jizzed on was conservative. But they did both make money fucking people.

warrenbishop said...

The ironic thing is that for all intents and purposes - there IS a Republican in office now. If you look at Obama's legislative record, he is what used to be called a 'moderate Republican'.

His signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act, was first dreamed up by the Heritage Foundation, then implemented by a Republican Governor. It's a Republican idea.

They've tried to portray him as some crazed leftist, liberal - but the truth is - he's one of them. I'm shocked they're fighting so hard, because legislatively and in terms of taxes etc. they're getting what they want. After the debt deal Grover Norquist said he got 98% of what he wanted. No Democrat should EVER be giving Grover Norquist 98% of what he wants - on anything.

So Ms. Jameson wants a Republican back in office, when the truth is - there's one in there now.

Marc McKenzie said...

@warrenbishop: You're full of it. Please, quit it with this BS.

Thank you.

warrenbishop said...

@Marc McKenzie: Compare what candidate Obama said during the 2008 campaign, and what president Obama did once in office.

He's very, very much a centrist - to the point where alot of his positions very closely resemble those of what we used to call moderate Republican ideas.

The rest of the Republican party has gone way out to the right; and he's staked out a position that 20 years ago you'd call Republican.

I think that's one reason the White House didn't anticipate the vociferous resistance to the affordable care act, because Republicans came up with the idea and loved it (until very recently).

If I'm so 'full of it' as you eloquently pointed out, besides Lily Ledbetter, please name the progressive - hell even liberal things or legislation he's signed since he's been in office.

Chez said...

Let me help:

What the Fuck Has Obama Done?

JohnF said...

But Chez, it's much more fun to simply pull a Greenwald and say Obama's just George Bush's third term.

warrenbishop said...

It's not just the legislative stuff either, it's the symbolic stuff as well: Rick Warren, right wing born again homophobe pastor delivers the inaugural invocation, Gates as the SecDef, Judd Gregg for Commerce, firing Shirley Sherrod because of a tape from Andrew Breitbart (!!!), completely ignoring the Wisconsin protests or recall election, his routine praising of Reagan (instead of say FDR, JFK, etc.).

I'm not singling Obama out either, Clinton was RepublicanLite as well. What were his big legislative accomplishments:

2. Welfare reform (when he signed the bill he did so at a photo op next to an African-American woman, eventhough they're not the largest percentage of welfare recipients).
3. The Telecommunications Act - allowing even more consolidation in the media.
4. The repeal of Glass-Steagall, which lead to the financial crisis.

My larger point is that the Dems (and mainstream media) have allowed the political discourse and political center to drift so far to the right is that now all our debates are between far right positions and right positions. Truly liberal, progressive or sometimes even just plain 'new' ideas never even enter the discussion.

There is basically one political party, with members at the extreme right on one side and alot of corporatist Dems which are ALOT like Old School Republicans (old school = pre 1992) on the other. One side is arguing in favor of insane Ayn Rand inspired ideas, the other side wants less extreme ideas - but regardless of who wins, the rich and big business are ultimately the winners - it's just by a matter of degree.

(I have a suspicion that their endgame is a routine to pre Labor movement, Reconstruction Era America - but that's a debate for another day.)

I'm not by any means suggesting that Obama is Bush's third term; however if you sit down and closely examine Obama's record - he's alot more like a Republican than Dems are comfortable admitting. I think that's one reason his small donor fundraising is down dramatically, and so is the number of campaign volunteers (myself included).

I'll end with this - DICK CHENEY came out in favor of gay marriage years before Obama did. Not exactly a profile in courage...

warrenbishop said...

Let me say this though, Obama did bailout the auto industry - which I applaud. He also nominated Elizabeth Warren to head a consumer protection bureau. He didn't succeed, but I applaud the effort.

Sadly, for the few bright spots, there are 5 times as many troubling acts or pieces of legislation.

Mart said...

WB - The only thing Mitt Romney knows is collecting rich people and government money. That has been his lone skill whether at Baine, the Olympics or running for office. All Bush's Presidential advisers are back from the dead. The folks who were wrong about everything - Neocon starve the beast and feed the rich economists, along with the PNAC war hawks that drove us into the ditch with their last puppet. Bush's brain is back, Paul Wolfowitz for Secretary of State. What could go wrong? Really difficult to see any differences between Romney and Obama, isn't it?

Sorry Clinton or Obama are not liberal enough. That is the deck lib's have been dealt while being bitch slapped by 40 years of big money and religion in politics, Reaganomics, blue dogs, tea parties, FOX, Limbaugh, Lieberman's, etc. If you are not a concern troll, keep the faith WB. There are cycles to these things.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of misogynistic oiks.

Chez, you of course have y'know proof that Jameson is carrying a long list of diseases due to her work as a porn star, right?

I mean, you endlessly whinge about the shoddy journalistic standards of everyone else on the planet so let's see the evidence to back up the claim.

And before you bring up the whole "But...but...but she had to get tested for vd every month when she worked in porn industry!"

Yeah, she did.

So fucking what?

She's hardly unique in that, in fact if she didn't get tested every month then she couldn't have worked in the industry.

Just because she was tested every month doesn't mean the test came back positive every month either.

She has admitted to getting a couple of yeast infections while in the business, but that's hardly a cause for outrage, pretty normal for EVERY woman to get a stinky snizz now and again.

John F and Victor the Crab, damn your jealousy sure comes out in some really vile and misogynistic ways. But seeing as JohnF is rockin the whole 'bros/douchebag/oik' lpook in his avatar it shouldn;t come as a surprise to know that he is a vile misogynist.

Chez said...

I love it when I don't even have to try coming up with a response.

warrenbishop said...

@Mart - I'm not a concern troll. Haha. My problem with Obama isn't that he's not liberal enough - it's that he's not liberal at all. As I said there's a marked difference between his campaign positions and what he said and did once he got into office.

When his rep was at Netroots and the moderator asked him about liberal/progressive legislation - he couldn't really come up with much besides Lily Ledbetter.

I also didn't say there's no difference between Obama and Romney. I said alot of the debate on issues is between bad right wing ideas and REALLY bad far right wing ideas. I'm not Glen Greenwald - Bush, Obama and Romney are all clearly very different.

For the last 30 years, hell most of my adult life I haven't felt like any of the people I vote for actually have even the slightest interest in fighting for my best interests - and fighting for legislation that's in the best interest of the country. I guess I've just completely run out of patience.

I recognize how bad the neocons, Tea Party etc. are for the country (and world) - on the other hand it's frustrating to watch the Dems buckle and fold every time they get into any sort of political battle - and just refuse to fight for the things they supposedly believe in. As a result, I've switched my energies from presidential politics, to smaller grass roots organizations.

All of the major social movements in this country started off as grass roots organizations (and no I don't count the Tea Party among those, I'm talking about women's sufferage, civil rights, the labor movement etc) - those things never start at the top. Those organizations have to create enough groundswell so that Washington notices and is forced to act.

I'm going to vote for Obama again, but my money, passion and energy has moved elsewhere.

Victor the Crab said...

Wow darmud, you really know everything about me just from my one post. Not. Find yourself a good doctor and see if you can get that pickle surgically removed from out of your ass.

JohnF said...

Three things I learned from darmund:
1. Wearing a baseball hat makes you a douchebag that says "bro" a lot.
2. Expressing sadness when untalented people become rich is "vile misogyny."
3. Porn stars deserve our respect.

Thank you, darmund. Your charm, people skills, and amazing powers of perception have really opened my eyes. I will really try to be a better person from now on. The kind who doesn't wear a baseball hat.

Chez said...

The most noteworthy thing about darmund is that he's still reading.

Matt said...

Whole lot of derp in this thread. I'm kind of shocked at the response a brief comment on a has been porn star has created.

Anonymous said...

Comment wank in a blogpost about a porn star.

The meta, it is delicious. If slightly salty.

kanye said...


President Obama didn't bailout the auto-industry; George Bush did. The president continued Bush's bailout program. Split the credit-65/35.

He also didn't nominate Elizabeth Warren as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He floated plenty of trial balloons, but the nomination never happened.