Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pop-Up Goes the Weasel

As most of you have probably already noticed, whenever you visit DXM right now you get a pop-up that asks for a password. Obviously, you don't need to actually have a password to view this site and clicking off the box just makes it go away without a hitch.

As for what this is, well, chances are I was hacked. I'm having an IT guy take a look at it and should soon have the situation resolved. Until then, thanks everybody for just rolling with the minor annoyance.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

Update: The problem's been fixed. Turns out, since the original piece on Hurricane Andrew was posted years ago one of the pictures in it was hotlinked -- and that hotlink set up a prompt on this page. Thanks to Alert Reader Ethan Pearson-Pomerantz for pointing me in the right direction.


Jester said...

You weren't hacked. It's coming from the site you're using for the aerial view of Homestead. Pull those images into your own blog and the password prompt will go away.

CNNfan said...

I give you my word of honour, that I am not the Deus Ex Malcontent hacker. But you can tell your IT guy I may tracked down your hack for you.

This image is triggering the pop-up

CNNfan said...

Someone let "Jax" know her blog may
have been hacked,which may be
reproduced with a password reset,
that may generate a screen full
of pharmaceutical spam.

@Current TV, Bill Press:
With fans, Jacki may be one of the most wished for
on-air talents. Didn't you know that?