Monday, August 13, 2012

Picture(s) of the Day

Mountain Dew decided to crowdsource the name of its newest God-awful drink via an online contest.

The 4Chan kids, as it turned out, were more than happy to give them some suggestions.

The contest has since been taken down.

God I love the internet.


Nadine said...

I especially love Moist Nugget!

kanye said...

Feel free to expound on that, Nadine.

Anonymous said...

So you agree with them that Hitler did nothing wrong.

In fact you find that hi-fucking-larious.



Chez said...

Love your stuff, darmund. It's gotta be tough to be that insane. Feel free to keep right on reading there.

JW said...

"Fapple" is pretty damn funny.

Anonymous said...

"Hitler Did Nothing Wrong". I'll drink to that.

/i came anonymous, for obvious reasons