Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picture of the Day

There simply aren't words to express how much I love the merry misanthropes over at 4Chan.

Taylor Swift is currently running a contest called "Taylor Swift on Campus," which encourages kids to vote for their school, with the winning school getting a live performance from Taylor herself (during which she'll presumably whine for an hour-and-a-half about all the guys who broke up with her, then simulate oral sex on an effigy of one of the Kennedys).

As you can see, the 4Chan kids are seeing to it that the right school wins the contest.

Yes, the Horace Mann School for the Deaf -- enrollment, 128 students -- currently has double the number of votes of its nearest competitor and almost four times the votes of the one behind that.


Anonymous said...

Awww, wook at a ittle misogynist.

No wonder your marriage was a complete and utter failure Chez, what with you deciding shooting and snorting heroin and cheating on your wife was more important than ya know being faithful and attentive.

But Taylor Swift is giving a blowjob to someone related to the Kennedy's???!!!!!!! O NOES!!!!!!!! Not that!!!!!!!!!!

Spare me.

Seeing as she's over 21 she can blow whoever the fuck she wants, although I'm sure that just makes her even more of a stinking slatternly slut in your misogynistic mind and eyes.

Funn yhow you never call out any of your favorite alt rockers for cheating on their girlfriends, but then, you misogynists tend to stick together and defend each other dontcha?

Thing is, a huge part of this is jealously.

You are jealous of Taylor Swift's talent.

And before you barf anf fart out some bullshit about how "HER TYPE/GENRE OF MUSIC IS HTE SUXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", please.

She's a crossover artist who has universal respect from her fellow musicians, something you sure can't say about the other members of your particular profession.

And of course, spare us the farting about how that's because none of them are as hip/edgy/ 'with it'/hype as you are, right?

Chez said...

Wow, Ben! After all this time you contiune to read and to let me piss you off for whatever reason. I used to just delete your comments, but as you become more and more unhinged, after all these years, you get quite a bit more entertaining. So keep it up, my friend. Please. The free content rules. : )