Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meet the New Ass, Same as the Old Ass

Today's column for the Daily Banter expands on the topic of Republican Senate candidate Tom Smith and his unfathomable comparison of pregnancy from rape to pregnancy out of wedlock. It not only pulls back the curtain on the pre-Enlightenment mindset the Republicans gleefully wallow in these days -- it also gives up quite a bit on what they think the subject of rape is really all about.

Here's the opening shot:

"When it comes to presenting a unified, impenetrable messaging front, there's nothing more fearsome or impressive than the GOP talking points machine; the Republicans simply know how to stay on point and move as one when they're dishing out their own branding. With that in mind, they really have to sit down with Lucifer, Mammon & Rove or whatever the hell their PR firm is named and come up with a stock answer they can give, without question or deviation, whenever some smart-alec reporter brings up the subject of rape and pregnancy. They desperately need an alternative to what they're doing right now -- mostly because telling the truth is getting them killed."

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