Friday, August 03, 2012

Last Man Standing

Today's piece for the Daily Banter expounds, at last, on my appreciation -- both personal and professional -- for Shepard Smith.

Here's the opening shot:

"I've been putting off writing something like this for a very long time. True, for quite a while I've kept a running tab of his scathing, subversive and generally balls-out brilliant comments -- the ones that have gotten him justifiably tagged as the lone voice of reason at his place of work -- but never have I come right out and written a full-fledged paean to Shepard Smith. The reason for this is that I feel strange doing it because Shep isn't simply somebody I watch on TV and whose work I admire from afar -- he's someone I know very well. I came up through the ranks with Shep at WSVN in Miami almost 20 years ago; he and I moved to Los Angeles roughly around the same time soon after and we played poker and drank beer on the weekends; I saw him as recently as last year at a party on South Beach. He's a good guy -- a great guy, actually -- and he's been a terrific friend. That's probably why I get even more satisfaction than the average person every time Shep opens his mouth and launches a spitball made of nitro glycerin into the well-oiled machinery of his employer, Fox News..."

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CNNfan said...

You may have waited too long. FOX News has outsourced the lone voice job to half a dozen former CNNers.

Mart said...

Wonder if a "Network" moment is building up inside him. When I watched John Stewart's piece that included his - you gotta record "True Blood" comments, I thought he was getting close to it.