Tuesday, August 07, 2012

E Pluribus Chao

Today's column for the Daily Banter takes a look at our increasing dedication to party and political ideology over solidarity with our fellow Americans.

Here's a quick excerpt:

"I sometimes wonder what the response would be like were another 9/11 to happen -- say, tomorrow morning. I'd like to believe that we'd once again put aside the trivial concerns that divide us and the inane distractions that only casually connect us, the ridiculous tribal allegiances and eliminationist rhetoric we seem to thrive on in the age of hive mind hyper-connectivity. I'd like to believe it, but I think that doing so would be astonishingly naive. We've simply gone too far -- pushed things well past the breaking point. There isn't an event that we can't now politicize. There isn't a tragedy that we can't find a way to blame someone from the opposite side of the political aisle for or an act of heroism or nobility for which we can't withhold credit from our ideological adversaries. And thanks to the overwhelming number of media outlets willing to fracture us and feed us only information that confirms our already firmly held biases, I doubt very seriously that this deplorable situation will end anytime soon. If anything, it will likely only get worse."

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Drew said...

Holy Shyte. That's a powerful and compelling piece you've written.

I have more hope for the country than is offered in the article but I do believe you've nailed the hubris, despair, and recklessness that has permeated the political atmosphere.

I bthink we are on the verge of something as a country. I hope it's peaceful enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

It largely depends upon where the attack occurs. If the attack were to somehow occur in Washington D.C. and take out a choice 546 people, we would have a small chance at returning to normalcy after the dust settled.

MJG said...

9/11 brought us together? I hadn't noticed.
The immediate emotional reaction, maybe - the media fed and nurtured that like a prize calf at a veal farm.
Then, Condi and the August briefing.

Dinner time!

Anonymous said...

What a nice tight little jingoistic piece of pure wishful pablum. You're better than this bullshit. We are an empire--this isn't a high school pep rally where we all hold hands and pretend that we're all one (e pluribus unum). Grow the fuck up.
PS If another 9/11 type attack happened we'd start bombing and/or invading the fuck out of anything that had even the slightest tinge of complicity, much less any real guilt. Or did the last 10 years just wash over you like a nice refreshing rah rah chant?

Chez said...

If you wanna be a dumb-ass anonymous troll, by all means pursue the hell out of that lofty goal -- but for fuck's sake at least try to make your comment make sense. It's literally the least you can do.