Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Choose and Lose

Today's column for the Daily Banter takes a look at MTV's get-out-the-vote initiative, circa 2012 -- and how relentlessly stupid it is.

Here's the opening shot:

"I’m probably going to sound like the stereotypical old guy in the room here, but bear with me.

The first time I voted for president was in 1992 and, like many my age at the time, I voted for Bill Clinton. The reason should be obvious to anyone who lived through the presidential election of 1992: Clinton and his optimistic vision for America spoke to me as a young adult; he was the first president in my lifetime to truly reach out to the youth in a meaningful way and value their involvement in the political process and in building the country’s future. Later, of course, we’d find out that the hand he was extending to the female youth of America was aimed mostly at their breasts, but it’s not like I knew that at the time..."

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J. Dack said...

I'm getting so worn out by the fighting that I am honestly starting to wish people would stop becoming informed and getting political.

I know it's important, but every single thing is so politicized these days I can't even mention online that I enjoy a flavor of ice cream without somebody screaming at me that I'm a monster because the ice cream maker is a subsidiary of a company who donates millions of dollars toward the Coalition to Execute Puppies and Culturally Oppress asexual play-doh collectors.

I'll be over there -> sticking my head in the sand for a while.

mrbrink said...

Chez, I've only been reading your stuff off and on for about a couple years, but you're churning out some of the best writing and social commentary in the country right now/lately. Original, relevant, at once both youthful and mature, and I'm quite certain-- unrivaled.

Did you sign some sort of deal with a stranger at the Crossroads? Just wanted to stop in and pay my respects to the death of whatever it was that prevented me from saying it sooner.

That is all.

MJG said...

This is how bad MTV is