Friday, August 17, 2012

Assistant to the Quote of the Day

"Am I supposed to congratulate this man? Thank him for his good citizenship? Compliment him for being clever enough to arm himself with enough tax lawyers so that he could legally minimize his obligations? Thirteen percent. The last time I paid taxes at that rate, I believe I might still have been in college. If not, it was my first couple years as a newspaper reporter. Since then, the paychecks have been just fine, thanks, and I don’t see any reason not to pay at the rate appropriate to my earnings, given that I’m writing the check to the same government that provided the economic environment that allowed for such incomes."

-- David Simon, creator of The Wire, on Mitt Romney's claim that he never paid less than a mere 13% income tax rate and that this constitutes an appropriate defense of himself and his insistence on not releasing more of his tax returns

"Romney-Ryan": the two most frightening words in the American lexicon since "Omar's comin'!"

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namron said...

Does Romney say "income" taxes or just "taxes?" If the latter and he is including state income taxes, sales tax, and ad valorem property taxes then he probably paid 0 in federal income taxes. There is some thought that he is a tax criminal who took advantage of the amnesty program for off-shore, unreported income that IRS made available in 2008 and 2009.