Monday, July 30, 2012

Quote of the Day

"CNN and other news organizations expect politicians to tell the truth; they expect business people to tell the truth; they expect church people, they expect athletes to tell the truth. And they issue a statement like this... I’m guessing the people who watch them don’t like Sarah Palin all that much anyway, which is why they did it, and thought that, like in the old days, they could get away with it. Well, it’s not the old days anymore, CNN. You can’t get away with this stuff."

-- Bernie Goldberg on CNN's claim that playing Pink's song Stupid Girls before a segment about Sarah Palin was an accident

Wait, what?

Look, I don't doubt that CNN is probably lying its ass off when it says that the choice of that particular song before a Palin segment was an innocent oversight; while it certainly could be, because you'd be shocked at how little attention to every small detail is paid in a 24/7 news operation, it was more than likely a joke played by somebody in the control room. But for Fox fucking News to self-righteously claim to be crusaders for the truth and defenders of integrity is goddamn laughable when you consider that just two months ago the network actually tried to make everyone believe that a four-and-a-half-minute attack ad against Barack Obama, produced for Fox & Friends and run multiple times, was an accident and ultimately the fault of one associate producer.

Stick that hypocritical indignation in your ass, Bernie.

Oh, and I happen to think it was inexcusable for CNN to play Stupid Girls before a Sarah Palin segment. Surely Eminem's White Trash Party was available.


Mozglubov said...

The hypocritical part of his indignation that actually jumped out at me was his statement, "The most offensive part of all of this is this statement by a news organization whose only mission is to tell the truth..."

Given that Fox News has fought and won court cases arguing that it is their right of free speech to flagrantly lie despite calling themselves a news agency, it seems awfully disingenuous to now charge that a news organization's sole mission is truth telling rather than ratings.

CNNfan said...

Said on good terms, I actually enjoy watching FOX News gradually morph itself, more and more, hiring former CNNers like John Roberts, Ed Henry, Lou Dobbs, Geri Willis, Bill Hemmer, Greta Van Susteren. There is even a TV commercial of Larry King as a sponsor for Bill O'Reilly.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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