Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Picture of the Day

It's interesting that a business that's so unrepentantly in-your-face about its belief in superstitious nonsense and its distaste for gay people wouldn't be willing to just come right out and admit the real reason it was forced to remove any trace of Jim Henson's characters from its meals.

Then again, I guess the "safety issue" is that enjoying the Muppets will get you sent to hell for all eternity.

More on this tomorrow at the Daily Banter.


agrazingmoose said...

Christian lying at its best

Anonymous said...

Muppets: They only perk up with a hand up their ass. Suck it, Chick-fil-a.

Matt said...

Ahhhh, the classic "You can't quit! You're fired!!!" defense. I would have boycotted them, but I've always thought the food sucked anyway. Fucking waffle fries.

kanye said...


Spencer said...

-"We're getting rid of the toys because they're tainted with the ghey"
-"People say once a child has been exposed to the ghey, they can't get it off."
-"We admit that the ghey has never harmed any child."

Wait, did Chik-Fil-A just admit that gay people never hurt anyone?
(and they've always offered the icecream substitute, that's nothing new.)

agrazingmoose said...

How do you spell "lawsuit".

Chick-fil-A = cowards.