Tuesday, July 10, 2012

John Stossel: Asshole

My latest piece for the Daily Banter is up -- and it has to do with John Stossel.

Really, that's all that needs to be said.

Here's the opening shot:

"A couple of weeks back, Bob Cesca and I each put together a list of the people in cable news we disliked the most, then ran down our respective choices on our subscription-only podcast After Party. A couple of the names we both came up with were obvious — the O’Reillys and Hannitys of the world — but we did actually try to stay away from easy political targets and were for the most part successful... A couple of days ago, though, I was reminded of a huge oversight on my personal list of the worst of the worst on cable news..."

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ZIRGAR said...

John Stasshole

Fritz Scikoehn said...

Now, if I remember the Ron Paul-Libertarian stance from the "let them die" debates are "people" through churches, charities, etc. the way to take care of the poor of our society, not government (but don't mention the our government is actually "the people"...)? So, wouldn't panhandling be a very libertarian way of poor to connect to those (the people) to get them to help? Or can we only freeload if we belong to clubs that exclude people?

JohnF said...

Yes, those fucking asshole homeless people. They have such a good thing going. They're the real 1%.

Marc McKenzie said...

Dead-on, Chez.

Can't believe that I used to think that Stossel was a decent journalist when he was on 20/20. Then again, I was a kid and uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Just for the sake of it, I was a naive, self-serving fuckwad 20 years ago with a bunch of other same, and similarly situated schmucks in a large conference room at the offices of Dick Gilder, National Review's Dusty Rhodes etc. We were members of the New York Club for Growth, alot of rich white folk who would snap their fingers in unison after a speaker would say something pleasing and acceptable to us, the senior members sitting around Gilder's conference room table, and the junior dicks like myself sitting against the wall and window -

Stossel would show up once in a while and get that chair at the table.

Looking back, yes, i can fairly say these Brooks Brothers' (No offense to Brooks) National Review reading, smug dicks only concern was not only how to covet and hide their outrageous wealth but how to make more, by summoning the likes of other stoic douchebags such as Mitch McConnell. It was oh so impressive - puke.

-Tom Mullen