Thursday, July 26, 2012

Game On... and On and On and On

Today's piece for the Daily Banter has to do with the Olympics.

Don't care at all about the Olympics?

Tough -- you're gonna be inundated with them for the next two-and-a-half weeks whether you like it or not.

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Tania said...

Yeah, I'll be ignoring it all as much as possible. I'm not interested in sport anyhow, so why would I want to watch weeks and weeks of it? Methinks it's time to start watching my dvd boxsets... I never did see The Wire...

Mind you, you think having all the coverage is bad? Try living and commuting in London, on top. It's going to be a nightmare! Our public transport is unreliable and packed on a normal day. With all these expected 'visitors', I wish I could afford to fuck off out of it until it's all over.

NoxiousNan said...

Between living in a key campaign state (Obama & Romney both came to town this week) and the Olympics, my viewing entertainment for the immediate future is limited to Netflix, Hulu and Skyrim.

Anonymous said...

My favourite part about the Olympics is the 100m backpedalling Romney did, following his less-than-stellar comments about the Games.

Marc McKenzie said...

@NoxiousNan: I still have to get my hands on SKYRIM.

As for me, I'm only watching specific events--like Track and Field for instance, because I'm Jamaican and I have to cheer on Usain Bolt.

Anonymous said...

From the boss's email:

• 5,535 hours of coverage across all our channels

• More than 170 hours of coverage in Spanish

You'd think there'd be more of that since they own an entire Spanish network.

Anonymous said...

Opening ceremonies are a disappointment. Its all about the industrial revolution. I was hoping for some pantomiming of the Imperial British Army slaughter, enslaving, and conquering the rest of the world.

warrenbishop said...

@Tania: I'm a huge football/soccer fan - so there's no way I'm not going to watch Brasil & Spain - BUT - if you've never seen 'The Wire' by all means watch it.

In my opinion it's one of the most important tv series or pieces of popular entertainment in the last 20-30 years; because it chronicles the moment in American history were our mechanism for solving our problems became irrevocably broken.

You've seen this play out during the last decade in the political sphere, where it's becoming nearly impossible to get laws passed - and on the rare occasions our government actually accomplishes something - it's usually not for the good of the voting public. Meanwhile alot of our major problems are ignored and continue to get worse.

That's what "The Wire" is all about, although that doesn't become abundantly clear until the 3rd season - when the show really hits its' creative stride. Watch and enjoy.

Izar Talon said...

Stuff like this is on of the main reasons I don't watch television anymore. Well, first run television, anyway. I still watch TV, but only if it's on NetFlix or something, and I can get an accurate review of the show and watch large numbers of episodes at once without any commercials. Right now I'm watching the new Dr. Who, which I hadn't ever watched before, and loving it.

There is literally only on TV show I ill still go out of my way to watch on it's original showing, and that's The Venture Brothers. The best damn show on TV is cartoon, and it's smarter and funnier and just plain cooler than anything else on TV nowadays.

Mart said...

Trying to stay away... but for the snark it would create, I am pulling for a $70,000 tax deduction to medal.