Friday, June 29, 2012

Response Time

It's time once again for Bob Cesca, Ben Cohen and me to answer your serious questions with a lot of horseshit hackery.

It's the Daily Banter Mail Bag.

Unleash the Fury Here

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Marsupialus said...

I'm not so surprised that Roberts came down in favor of this. He's always demonstrated himself as a corportist. But it's the part of the opinion that seems to limit the commerce clause that seems like it may have long term effects that no one is quite focusing on yet. A major battle has been won but the larger war may be lost -- because of the way this decision has come down. If I'm at all right about this, it makes it pretty ironic to see the full right wing blaze against Roberts. He may have done them a terrific favor -- and the rest of us a terrible disservice.