Friday, June 01, 2012

Response Time

As usual on Friday, Ben Cohen, Bob Cesca and I are answering your serious questions with a lot of snarky half-assery -- this week even more so than usual.

It's the Daily Banter mailbag.

This week's questions:

"I volunteered to help the Democrats pass Obamacare as well as the slowly-disintegrating Dodd-Frank Act, and I don’t regret my involvement. What outrages me, though, is this: Senate Democrats refuse to reform or destroy the filibuster. Why? Obamacare passed due to the reconciliation process- which bypassed the filibuster/Joe Lieberman. I’m too young to believe the popular false equivalency meme but I ponder the filibuster and can’t help but think that on this the Dems are nonsensical wimps, with Harry Reid as Beaky Buzzard. Something’s got to give. Your thoughts?"

"Why is it Bush’s spending spree was ignored, and Obama’s pored over with a fine-toothed comb? The media always harps on about ‘Obama’s spending’ and the increasing deficit while forgetting about the unpaid for Bush years. How is it Democrats who spend are socialists, while Republicans who spend are conservative? It makes no sense whatsoever."

"If you could see two politicians duke it out, who would they be? Politicians in Korea do it all the time, so why not us? I say put Dick Cheney in there with Dennis Kucinich. One guy has a bad heart, and the other looks about as menacing as Justin Bieber. It could be epic."

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