Monday, June 18, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Hey, on days when she has Michelle Malkin and Gretchen Carlson on as guests we can make a new 'Two Girls one Cupp' drinking game."

-- Huffington Post commenter "Fretslayer" on the announcement by MSNBC that it would be giving partial hosting duties for its new 3PM show to conservative commentator and cultivator of the naughty librarian look S.E. Cupp

For those of you who thought that MSNBC was politically progressive by nature or that its decision to lean left was the product of its executives' and hosts' true feelings, let this be a lesson to you. It was always about ratings and money. And so is this: putting a dingbat like S.E. Cupp on the air solely because she's ridiculously easy on the eyes.

The important thing to keep in mind is that this move won't win a single critic of MSNBC on the right over. Not a one.

I'll have more on this tomorrow at the Daily Banter.

Update: Sorry, kids, but the Banter post will go up tomorrow (6.20). Busy as hell today.


pasta65 said...

I watched her a few weeks back on Real Time with Bill Maher and she was feebly punching up the entire show.

The other guests were very easy on her. Sadly, she does get a free pass simply because she is attractive and her entire career has been built on that.

Even she has to realize it deep down.

She won’t last.

Anonymous said...

My favorite aspect about Cupp is how she claims she is an atheist...and yet clearly has no fucking clue what that belief system (or lack there of) actually means. It makes as much sense as her claiming to be homosexual male.

She is like the rest of media today...a run of the mill troll. Sad fucking state of affairs.

Riles said...

Yep, ridiculously easy on the eyes. But I get the feeling she's one of those who are on the right simply for her career, not her actual beliefs.

warrenbishop said...

Of course she'll last. Look at Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Erin Burnett, Megyn Kelly. With the possible exception of Diane Sawyer maybe being an actual journalist at some point, none of the aforementioned anchors would know real journalism if it bit them.

That's not meant to be a sexist comment either, that's also true of most of the men. Cable news is in a woeful, woeful state.

I completely agree with Aaron Sorkin's comment, in fact I've made a similar comment to my Mom, after I asked her why she watches CNN.

Didn't Campbell Brown say something along those lines right before she left? I wonder if she got fed up and quit, or they fired her for accidentally speaking some truth?

Izar Talon said...

Yeah, she IS easy on the eyes. I'll take a brunette over a blonde any day of the week and twice on Sundays. And with glasses, too. Bonus points. (Izar makes a mental note to try to convince his beautiful brunette girlfriend to wear her glasses instead of her contacts for a full day. Try to again, that is.)

Too bad THIS brunette's an idiot.

Just how many hot female Conservative mouthpieces are there now, anyway? It's SO fucking blatant; this is the Conservative opinion of women, publicized for all the world to see: Conservatives choose women for their attractiveness, period. It doesn't matter what position they're to fill, be it politician, newscaster, or trophy wife; women were put here on this Earth by God to be pretty things for men to look at while the the men make the REAL decisions. It doesn't matter how intelligent the woman is (and just how intelligent COULD a woman be, right fellas?) they only have to be quasi-literate...just enough to read a teleprompter and get it right some of the time. And I'm talking "you mean you actually read books for FUN and not just because you HAVE to?" literate.

It's SUCH deliberate pandering, but the one's in charge know that their target audience is so fucking un-self-aware that they can't even see it; all they can see s a nice set of tits.

ZIRGAR said...

Cupp was part of the 2010 Conservative Women's Calendar; I had a little fun with it back when I was writing a blog: