Friday, June 15, 2012

Quote of the Day

"I wonder if he was taking V... It'll make you crazy, the V."

-- Shepard Smith, completely derailing an interview on Fox News by suddenly deciding that he wanted to talk about HBO's True Blood

I really get the impression that Shep has just given up -- and for this I love him even more than I have throughout the very long time that I've known him. He either realizes that he can say whatever the hell he wants to on Fox and he'll still have a job or he's purposely trying to see if there's anything at all he can say that'll get him in trouble. Regardless, he's exercising his absolute authority and bulletproof-ness with giddy abandon.

Shep has basically turned into Brando in The Island of Dr. Moreau over there. It's only a matter of time before he shows up on the air in white makeup wearing boxer shorts and a lampshade on his head and talking to a midget he keeps as a pet.


Riles said...

Oh shit, that is awesome. He truly doesn't give a fuck and good for him. Why should he have to listen to the "judge" be wrong for the millionth time.

Busayo said...

He's like the token moderate on Fox News, isn't he? So they can keep a pretense of being 'fair and balanced.' Yeah, if I had that amount of power and job security, I'd troll the hell out of them as well.

JohnF said...

Shep is great. He's just having fun out there.