Monday, June 11, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Governor Romney is a tremendous improvement. I think we could have been even more of an improvement, but that's, you know, that's, that, that, that, that issue was passed. Uh, Governor Romney is an important and dramatic improvement, and that's why we're behind him."

-- Rick Santorum, endorsing Mitt Rommey, sort of

Cesca's been keeping track, in pretty hilarious fashion, of the ways in which "Romney Fever" is sweeping across the nation -- cataloging instance after pulse-pounding instance of Romney receiving effusive, full-throated support from Republicans.

Add this one to the mix.


bafreeman said...

He sounds like a baby endorsing circumcision right after his foreskin was filleted.

hilz said...

I just got back from 12 days of road-tripping the southeast. I was keeping my eyes peeled for The Romney Fever. I didn't see a single sticker, sign, or billboard. Not one. Plenty of Obama stickers (although concentrated around the cities).