Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pretty Vacant

As promised, my latest piece for the Daily Banter is up and it deals with MSNBC's comically transparent decision to hire conservative commentator S.E. Cupp.

Here's the opening shot:

"I happened to stumble across the very good 1994 movie Quiz Show on cable the other day. For those who haven’t seen it or don’t know much about it, the film dramatizes the television quiz show scandal of the late 1950s, in which 'Twenty-One' and other popular TV game shows were revealed to have been fixed by the producers behind them. The most infamous revelation during the scandal, and really the one that started the snowball rolling downhill, was that handsome and seemingly brilliant 'Twenty-One' returning champion Charles Van Doren — who rocketed to pop culture stardom because of his supernatural staying power and apparent wealth of knowledge on a broad number of topics — had actually been given the answers all along by TV exec Dan Enright and had initially won on the show only after the previous long-time winner had been ordered to take a dive. That previous champion, Herb Stempel — who admitted that he too had been handed the answers on the show during his extended run — was a somewhat schlubby dullard from Queens, while Van Doren was a youthful and engaging academic from a successful family."

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Steven D Skelton said...

I've never seen her nor read anything she has ever written, but I've read quite a few left wing critiques of her.

Your's is by far the least hateful thing I ever read about her. Not even a two-girls-one-cup metaphor.

But you always have had respect for shtick...