Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pompous Circumstance

I'm still trapped in the middle of project hell at the moment, but Ben Cohen over at the Daily Banter published a piece a little while ago that takes on Glenn Greenwald for being, well, so Glenn Greenwald-y.

I got a pretty big mention in the column and I happen to agree with most of what Ben has to say -- I say most because, no, I don't respect Greenwald at all. I think he's actually a sanctimonious turd who's proven that he deserves to be paid almost no attention -- but that's just my opinion.

Anyway, read on before Glenn begins punching down to me and Ben on Twitter and his army of myrmidons joins in.

The Daily Banter: Tired of the Lecturing Left: A Message To Glenn Greenwald/6.12.12

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ZIRGAR said...

I once watched a Twitter "debate" in which Greenwald accused a woman of being homophobic towards him simply because she tweeted that he chose to live outside of the USA. That was it. So, I assumed from the context of the "debate" that in Greenwald's mind it's just not possible that there are people unaware of GG's complete life story, specifically the fact that he lives in Brazil to be with his partner. So when you say he chooses to live in another country, you're not just stating an empirical fact that has some relevance regarding his criticism of policies he doesn't live under, you're in actuality a dirty rotten homophobe--see how that works? Me neither.