Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Picture of the Day

I'm not sure there's ever been an image that's more flawlessly summed up everything that is Glenn Greenwald.

The choice of writing only from among his stable of four or five rotating topics. The indignant defense of Julian Assange. The involuntary lashing out at the evil, imperial U.S. for its unlawful and immoral persecution of the world's most saintly individual. The implication that everyone should agree with him and let Assange off the hook for trying to run off to a South American country -- sound familiar? -- and the almost certain implication that those who disagree and think that Assange is a coward who's evading the justice system because he arrogantly doesn't think he should have to face its potential judgment are jingoistic barbarians. The four -- four -- Aspergerian updates.

It's just all so -- Glenny.

I realize I'm violating my current policy of not even bothering to click the link whenever I see a Greenwald byline, but I'm glad I did this time. This kind of comedy gold is priceless.


JohnF said...

How did "extradition to Sweden" become "extradition to the U.S.?"
I especially like the "Can anyone blame him?" part. Yes, Glenn, if Julian Assange has committed sexual assault and doesn't want to face the music, I can certainly "blame him." If he's guilty of these charges I can hold it against him that he doesn't want to answer any questions.
And I realize we're talking about Glenn's sainted man-crush here, but if the guy's so innocent what is he afraid of? If he's done nothing wrong, why so scared of answering some questions?

Anonymous said...

At best, the entire thing was a giant fuck-up on the part of the Swedish police. They bring the guy in for questioning, drop the warrant, give him permission to leave the country, and then wait two months to demand he come back for questioning (while denying him the ability to submit to questioning via teleconference). The Swedes don't actually make it clear they want to prosecute Assange until a full six months later.

The US link came about when the attorney general started getting involved in the process early December 2010. It is also worth noting that he was placed on the Interpol most wanted list within a week of the cable leaks.

It really doesn't take much to get the conspiracy nuts going on something. There are a lot of procedural failings and odd coincidences, which are likely just that, but to someone looking for a reason to call out a conspiracy, it's gold.

Personally, I have a hard time deciding it it's just sheer incompetence or the Swedish prosecutor trying to make a name for herself, though it could be a little of both.

Anonymous said...

How cute, Chez has spotted his white whale and well we know what happens next.....

Chez said...

I tell you to go fuck yourself?

Claude Weaver said...

My thing is: what is it about Europe that draws so many famous and apparently "respected" white-haired rapists? Assange, Polanski, that IMF guy, I mean come ON.

Jeez, say what you will, but at least MJ had the balls to stand trial. R. Kelly too. Shit, Mike Tyson did as well.

It seems to me that being a little bitch and running around the Old World because of your at best case douchebaggery being addressed is a bit silly.